Environmental Technologies and Service Hub 

Future Solent Board Sponsor 
David Hutchinson 
Project Leader 
Committed Organisations 
The University of Portsmouth and University of Southampton 
Project details 
Produce an iconic Hub to provide leadership, impetus, focus, investment and support to a Cluster of Environmental Technologies and Service (ETS) enterprises. To operate virtually and/or physically, providing a focal point with network support services, information exchange, best practice development, training and learning support, incubator units and funding support to achieve a cluster of businesses and services in renewable technology. 
How it delivers the priorities 
Priority 1: New Low Carbon & Green Technology 
To support and encourage the development and growth of the ETS especially in the renewable energy sector, which will create business opportunities and encourage growth and investment in the Solent. 
Priority 2: Resource Efficiency in Homes and Businesses 
New R&D through the ETS will produce energy efficient technology to be installed in homes and businesses. 
Priority 3: Generation of Secure, Renewable & Low Carbon Energy in the Solent 
The Hub will provide support and investment to ETS in the field of renewable energy within the Solent. 
How it delivers the expected outcomes 
Promote business growth 
Support and investment to ETS’s will encourage growth and development in an already growing industry. 
Create new/safeguard jobs 
Provide jobs through the opening of the iconic Hub and through the growth and development of the ETS and businesses. 
Develop an appropriate skills base 
Skills created through the expanding ETS, businesses and through the training and learning facilities provided by the Hub. 
Measureable carbon reductions 
The research and investment into renewable and low carbon products will reduce carbon in the Solent. Education through the learning facilities will implement a positive change in behaviour towards a low carbon society. 
Recent Developments 
Rt. Hon Dr Vince Cable MP Secretary of State for Business Innovation & Skills announced Government plans to award £3 Million of Regional Growth Funding (RGF) support to the “Future Solent Green Growth Programme”. 
Companies will be supported with access to research and development facilities at the University of Portsmouth and University of Southampton Science Park, as well as access to networks and support in developing business plans. In addition, new and growing small companies will be able to apply for grants to help deliver their business plans and new products. 
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