Greening Business Scheme 

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Project details 
Develop a sustainable business practice in the Solent region. Provide simple business support (possibly accreditation) scheme, which provides practical support through the network of businesses and peer mentoring on greening existing businesses. This also includes engaging students from relative disciplines in working in and supporting businesses to develop their environmental management systems. Businesses will be greener and more competitive through reduced energy and other output costs. 
How it delivers the priorities 
Priority 1: New Low Carbon & Green Technology 
Priority 2: Resource Efficiency in Homes and Businesses 
Businesses adopting sustainable business practice will become more energy efficient and save money, allowing them to become more competitive. 
Priority 3: Generation of Secure, Renewable & Low Carbon Energy in the Solent 
To adopt a sustainable business plan businesses may implement the use of renewable energy to contribute towards a low carbon Solent. 
How it delivers the expected outcomes 
Promote business growth 
Businesses adopting a sustainable business practice can save money, which can be re-invested back into the businesses to expand and promote business growth. Businesses will become more efficient and therefore more competitive. 
Create new/safeguard jobs 
Business growth can safe-guard jobs and may encourage businesses expansion, which requires a larger work force. 
Develop an appropriate skills base 
Mentoring and practical support will help develop appropriate skills base to business members and to students engaged in the programme. 
Measureable carbon reductions 
Adopting a sustainable business practice will reduce energy waste and encourage the use of renewable energy. 
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