4th Annual Conference  
Our 4th Conference took place on Friday 2nd October at the New Hilton Hotel, Ageas Bowl, West End, Southampton. With 250+ delegates it was our biggest yet. 
What did visitors say about the 2015 conference? 
Great event, very well organised and attended. 
It went well and all credit to those who organised it. 
Next year I hope that we can move the Energy Strategy from the aspirational phase to delivery and enlist the help of those attending in actual further post conference activities. We will need ambassadors and experts spread as widely as possible. 
Good structure and timing of talks and breaks, no negatives 
Generally a good inspiring event. It provided a good opportunity to network. 
The format this year with round tables was better than the lecture theatre style from last year, easier to have break-out sessions 


The Solent is an area of strong economic growth within the UK. There is a growing “green economy” with many strengths emerging in research & development, environmental technologies, energy, waste and construction. Future Solent aims to capitalise on these strengths to promote further development of the green economy, and with it, economic growth and jobs. Future Solent has been established as a joint approach by the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (Solent LEP) together with the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) and the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce in the Solent area to achieve a low carbon, green economy. 
Here at Future Solent we have a vision that “the development of a low carbon, green economy in the Solent area will help stimulate sustainable economic growth, create jobs and reduce our carbon footprint. The Solent area will become the national leader and internationally recognised for its low carbon, green economy. Sustainability will be at the heart of the sub-region’s success in generating economic growth, prosperity and improving quality of life.” 
Future Solent brings together a variety of projects and actions that will deliver our vision and key priorities. In the process of achieving these we have developed a number of new projects and are catalysing existing ones too. All projects we endorse or support will deliver at least one of our priorities and expected outcomes. In doing so, we aim to utilise the Solent’s resources and bring together working partnerships between businesses, organisations, academia and authorities to achieve a low carbon economy in the Solent region through complimentary actions. 
The Programme of Projects 
Discover more about our programme of projects and how the Solent area will generate economic and business growth... 
Recent News and Events 
The Solent area will become the National leader and Internationally recognised for its low carbon green Economy... 
Join Future Solent 
If you have an interest in Future Solent's vision and priorities we would love you to be a part of it.
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